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Contrastivity, Interlanguage and Error Analysis



On the basis of numerous  studies which have shown how necessary and how advantageous it is to apply contrastive approaches when Italians study Spanish and vice versa, the research group aims to examine in depth the differences between the two language systems through an analysis of the errors produced by learners. The aim is to analyse the different parts of grammar – spelling, phonology, morphology and syntax – and language use not only for teaching purposes but also as a method of inquiry that would lead to a more complete description of the two languages. Corpora formed by texts and exercises which are examples of Spanish interlingua at a B1 and B2 level produced by Italian speakers have been examined.

The first stage of this research was carried out between 2011 and 2015 and gave rise to the publication of a series of volumes entitled  Quaderni di spagnolo per italofoni, edited by E. Paltrinieri, which focuses on four main research areas:

  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Prepositions
  • Tense and aspect in verbs; verb uses
  • Verb modes in subordinate clauses

International cooperation with 

-          University of Córdoba (Spain). Prof.ssa María Martínez-Atienza.

-          University of Sevilla “Pablo Olavide”. Prof.ssa Paola Capponi.


Prodotti della ricerca

Reseach products:

Paltrinieri, Elisabetta (2012) L’accento in spagnolo, Torino, Celid.

Bermejo Calleja, Felisa (2012) Verbo y oración sustantiva. Propuesta de clasificación contrastiva, in Lombardini, H.; Pérez, M.E. (eds.), Núcleos. Estudios sobre el verbo español e italiano, Berna, Peter Lang, 145-162.

Villén Peñalver, Francisca; Amato, Antonino (2012) La preposizione italiana “da” in spagnolo, Torino, Celid.

Paltrinieri, Elisabetta (2015) Análisis de los errores morfológicos más frecuentes en la enseñanza del español a italófonos: por y para y el problema de las lenguas afines, in Funes, L. (coord.) Hispanismos del mundo, Buenos Aires, Miño y Dávila, 209-220.

Martínez-Atienza, Maria (2015) Tiempos verbales del indicativo. Significado y uso, Torino, Celid.

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