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Literature and National Identity




The focus of the research group is on the transformations in the idea of national identity which can be observed in contemporary literature particularly in Central and Eastern Europe. The remarkable changes developed in this area since 1989 require to be explored in a comparative and interdisciplinary approach. On one side can be observed a tendency towards a hybrid identity, on the other there is strong longing to preserve the singular regional or national identities. This is linked to the objective linguistic and cultural centralization of decision-making in the EU (Jürgen Habermas), but also to a perception of Europe more as a market place than a cultural arena (Wolgang Streeck). The research group investigates the ways in which contemporary different forms and genders of literary expressions react to the global hubris; the uses and misuses of what are considered to be specific characters of a national identity inherited by previous cultural patterns; the phenomena of immigrant writers and their integration in new contests; the ties between language and national identity; the modality in which literature is a vehicle in order to preserve the autonomy and ethnographical diversity of European linguistic minorities.
The research group intends to promote seminars, conferences and to build a web site with essays, studies and with research and discussions on the topic.
International cooperation:

Universities of Essen, Berlino, Osnabrück, Leipzig, Wien, Graz, Konstanz, Beograd, Slupsk, Zagreb.

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