Transnational Alignment of English Competences for University Lecturers (TAEC)

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Erasmus+ KA203-2017-004
350.000 euro
18/09/2017 - 17/01/2020
Alessandra Molino

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The project "Transnational Alignment of English Competences for University Lectures" (TAEC) is a 28 months project, funded through the Erasmus+ programme. 

The TAEC project is a collaboration between the following partners:

Associated partners are Complutense University of Madrid and Delft University of Technology.


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Project purpose

The purpose of the project is to develop a common framework for EMI quality assurance and support, which will help the partners adapt local EMI training and certification language assessment instruments for transnational uses.

TAEC will result in three intellectual outputs: 
1. Report on the facets of a common EMI framework
2. Technical report on alignment and
3. An EMI handbook.

Furthermore, the project aims at raising awareness about the specific characteristics of EMI and offering opportunities for linguistic and pedagogical training for teaching in the EMI context.  


Project description

Project objectives

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