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Onomastics Studies



Onomastics Studies

The main focus area of the group is represented by research about onomastics (anthroponomy and toponomastics), in historical-linguistic and cultural perspective, with a multidisciplinary approach.

The main research lines covered the following areas:

  • Historical and synchronic description of  anthroponomy and toponomastics
  • Onomastic system formations, with reference to personal and family names (first names, surnames, nicknames)
  • Processes of naming 
  • Linguistic, social or geographical distributional patterns in onomastics
  • History and meanings of names
  • Contactphenomena in onomastics
  • Onomastics corpora and data archives


Research products

              §  Onomastica collection 


Corpora and data archives

§  ArchiMediOn(Archive of Medieval Onomastics)

§  ToP-GIS (geo-referenced system of Piedmont toponomastics)

§  NPI (Archive of Personal Italian Names)

§  ArchiCoPie (Archive of Piedmont surnames)


International Partners

Emili Casanova (Departament de Filologia Catalana de la Universitat de València (); Postgrau de Toponimia, ADEIT; Societat d'Onomàstica )

Joseph Brincat (Department of Italian, University of Malta)

Ana Maria Cano Gonzales (Romanesque anthroponymy, Dep. de Filologia clasica y romanica, Universidad de Oviedo)

Dieter Kremer (Leipzig)

International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS)


Related activities

Phd in Modern languages and literatures, linguistics and onomastics

(only PhD programme in Italy that ensures a training scheme specifically devoted to onomastics)

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