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Experimental studies on Italian as L2



Experimental studies on Italian as L2

The main focus area of the group is represented by research about applied linguistics and corpus linguistics. is the main result of our activity, an ongoing research devoted to linguists and to those teachers and learners of Italian as a foreign language who want to train themselves in a computer aided environment. It is based on the learner corpus VALICO (VArietà Lingua Italiana Corpus Online, i.e. 'Online Corpus of the Learning Varieties of the Italian Language'), created at the Turin University in 2003. It aims to be a window onto the world of learning and teaching Italian as a foreign language and wants to offer:

  • text-type and POS-annotated texts for corpus-based or corpus-driven research;
  • tools enabling reflection about how to use online electronic annotated corpora in Italian language courses;
  • exercises with online marking, errors explanation and recorded comments by students.

Further resources were realized by the research group:

  • VINCA is a Corpus of Native Written Italian freely available and searchable online (Control Corpus of the Native Varieties of the Italian Language);
  • Morfo.

The first working phase was launched in the framework of a FIRB national project devoted to “Italian language in the variety of texts” (2001, coordinator: prof. Carla Marello). The group was then involved in many projects supported by Italian funding bodies:

  • PRIN 2006 “Italiano di apprendenti: corpora di italiano L1 e L2 online” (national coordinator: prof. Carla Marello);
  • PRIN 2009 “Corpora di apprendenti di lingue straniere fra acquisizione e insegnamento” within the national project “Lingua seconda/lingua straniera nell’Europa multilingue: acquisizione, interazione, insegnamento” (coordinator: prof. Giuliano Bernini);

and in cooperation with:

  • FIRB 2006 “RIDIRE - Risorsa Italiana Dinamica di Rete” aimed at compiling, through the use of crawling techniques, a repository of the Italian language that exploits contents on the Internet

International cooperation with Italian or Romance Linguistics Departments:

-          IUD Heidelberg, prof. Giovanni Rovere

-          IULA at University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, prof. Janet DeCesaris

-          University of Basel, prof. Angela Ferrari

-          University of Beograd, prof. Julijana Vučo

-          University of Copenhagen, prof. Erling Strudsholm

-          University of Reading, prof. Federico Faloppa

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